Financial Audit

Providing personnel for the execution of external audits - this work will include: evaluation of internal controls, procedures, documents and accounting records as well as the implementation of Decrees, Laws and Resolutions issued by various control agencies that support the financial statements and assertions in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standard – IFRS and International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board – IAASA.

Management Audit

We perform objective evaluations of the efficiency, effectiveness and economy with which are managed the resources of an entity, in accordance with management principles.

Special Audit

We conduct special reviews that assess documents and accounting records related to agreed procedures in some cases, or account revisions that include: customers or suppliers accounts, fixed assets inventory, etc.

To certify expenditures made abroad

We perform reviews of the expenses incurred abroad and that do not constitute incomes registered in Ecuador, based on the agreements signed between countries to avoid double taxation regarding the income tax, the reason why we will issue a certificate in double body: one from Ecuador and other one from the country we are working with abroad.