Auditory & Accounts S.A. - Adaccounts,  Member of AGN International Arises to support companies or individuals with its team of specialized professionals in administrative, accounting and financial areas, in order to be a financial advisor which provides a range of services that aim the proper management of enterprises by optimizing the technical and human resources they hold.


The professionals who compound our staff, based on their own performance, have acquired a broad experience for over 20 years on the fields of Auditing, Consultancy, Accounting and Businesses Administration.

Our business is responsible for providing personnel for the realization of external audits, management audits, operational audits, implementation and maintainance of accounting departments, advising and tax planning, consultancy, commissions of auditory, elaboration of procedures and policy manuals, position evaluations, implementation of cost accounting system, evaluation of the softwares used by the company.

The experience of our staff in the market have enabled us to advise a diversified range of services in distinct productive activities and business activities:
  • Industrial Businesses
  • Comercial Businesses
  • Agricultural Businesses
  • Service Businesses
  • Nonprofit Organizations (NGOs)
  • Financial Businesses